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Playmates September Kindergarten & Pre-K Newsletter

Welcome to KINDERGARTEN and Pre-K! Each month I will be sending home a newsletter to let you know what we will be learning and exploring throughout the month. It will include the special activities and projects as well as information on new skills we are learning. I will also include ideas and things to do at home to help your children with these new skills. I will be sending home a monthly homework calendar and packet with fun activities for you and your child to do together. This is not a requirement but it will give you some great ideas to help your child with kindergarten/pre-k skills and it also gives you a chance to work on homework together (a great help for future years). I will give each child a homework folder to bring their homework back and forth to school. Homework is not to be done all at once. They can choose to do several pages and bring them back or wait until they have finished and bring it back all at once! When they bring it back, I will have some really cool stickers for them! Please remember homework should be fun!! The homework packet will be sent home sometime this month.

The month of September is always an exciting month for everyone. We will be getting acquainted with each other, making new friends, seeing old friends and learning about the kindergarten/pre-k daily routine. One of the most exciting parts of kindergarten/pre-k is “Show and Tell”. This is a great confidence builder for children. It also helps build language and processing skills. “Show and Tell” will be held every Wednesday and Friday unless otherwise specified. The class has been divided into two groups. Please check to see if your child is for Wednesday or Friday. It will begin on Wednesday, September 4th and Friday, September 6th. From time to time, I may suggest something for them to bring in, but most of the time it is their choice. For September 4th’s and 6th’s “Show and Tell”, I would like the children to bring in something that begins with the same sound as their name. For example: Gavin’s goat, Aidan’s anchor, Sammy’s snake. I will be taking their pictures and we will be making a book about alliteration. Please remember, your child’s “Show and Tell” should be appropriate for everyone. Please do not bring in something that makes fun of bodily functions (whoopie cushions, etc.) or a weapon such as a play knife, sword or gun. It should also be able to fit in their backpacks. If a child forgets a show, we will have them do a tell. Tells can be just as much fun as a show!

During the first few weeks of school we will be reviewing our colors, shapes, numbers and letters. We will also be learning about friendship, a little about each other and our families. As the month moves on, I will be talking about trees, apples and the season Fall. The children will be also working on developing letter-sound association and letter writing skills. We will be working on pre-reading and reading skills as well as counting and sorting skills. It will be a busy, but very FUN first month of KINDERGARTEN/PRE-K!

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