Camp Playmates

Join Mrs. Dooley and Ms. Cregg as they continue the learning outdoors in the summer months.  Camp Playmates (formerly Sandlot Juniors) was created just for children ages 4-6.
They will be learning about nature, including bugs, gardening and going on nature walks around our fields and down to our beach.  More crafts, lots of music and movement, science experiments, swimming, water play, outdoor sports and making friends.

Mrs. DooleyMrs. Dooley has been a teacher at Playmates and Sandlot for 23 years. She delights in teaching children of all ages about the world around them. She challenges them to think, to try, and to be excited about learning. Mrs. Dooley loves the outdoors and she will be planning lots of activities that will excite children. The learning never stops at Playmates and Sandlot.
Liz Cregg 3Ms. Cregg has been a teacher at Playmates and Sandlot for 21 years. She has been teaching preschoolers in the classroom and has been a Swim teacher as well. Ms. Cregg is looking forward to teaching all about the outdoors this summer, having fun in the sun, learning about nature and continuing the learning from one school year to the next. "Learning though Play" is our Playmates motto and we intend to do a lot of it this summer!

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